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What happened next...

Its a little while after our last session and we are laying on the floor all hot and sticky and sweaty, all our arms and legs tangled up and stroking and touching and feeling each other... You are still wet and I am getting hard again, getting ready for another hot session with you...

It must be... time for a shower...

We stand up and lead each other to the shower... you by holding my hard-on and pulling me gently with your hand on my cock, and me with a finger in your ass and pushing you gently in front of me :D We get to the bathroom and I turn the shower on hot so the bathroom fills with steam and we step into the shower under the spray... its on of those showers with several heads at different levels (i wish!) so we are getting hit by hot water from all angles and directions

We soap each other all over, making sure to clean even those hard to reach places. I feel your hand on my hard-on, stroking it continuously almost making me cum. at the same time i finger your pussy and clit non stop, and massage your tits and nipples and pull on your nipples to lift your tits to my mouth so i can suck on them and even bite on them (but not too hard :o) ) I love there softness as they fill my mouth

at the same time you lick and kiss my chest and body and run yourhands all over me. i take your hand and move it to my butt and push your finger to my asshole and tell you to press it in there which you do. i love the feel of your finger inside me it akes my cockeven harder and it pokes into your belly and face as you lick further down my body.

i put my hands on your shoulders and push you down onto your knees in front of me so my hard-on is in front of your face. "tell me you worship ,y cock" i say to you. "tell me you dream of me fucking you all day evry day" you look up at me with devotion and love and repeat what i have told you to say. "tell me you are my cum slut" i say to you and you say those words to me also.

i start to fuck your mouth with my hard on, gripping handfuls of your curly hair so i can control how deep i go into your mouth and down your throat, and how fast and hard i fuck you... i can feel the cum rising up my cock but i decide to try something different this time...

"do you want me to fuck your ass?" i ask you...

well do you?

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