sdfgsdfg (yrb_49) wrote in private_place,


heygirlshutupandkissme: hey sexy it's me
heygirlshutupandkissme: how are ya???
DevilsDance: i'm fine
DevilsDance: -grins- glad to see you on
heygirlshutupandkissme: you too
heygirlshutupandkissme: feelin horny?
DevilsDance: not right now =/
heygirlshutupandkissme: awww
heygirlshutupandkissme: what are you up to?
heygirlshutupandkissme: ???
Yahoo! Messenger: xdevilsxdancex has logged back in. (3/11/04 11:25 AM)
DevilsDance: sorry about that
heygirlshutupandkissme: wha happen?
DevilsDance: Got kicked offline by the computer
heygirlshutupandkissme: stupid comp
DevilsDance: I know =(
heygirlshutupandkissme: *hug*
DevilsDance: -hugs-
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: *kiss* ?
DevilsDance: -smiles and kisses you back-
heygirlshutupandkissme: *kisses again* *starts to feel frisky*
heygirlshutupandkissme: what are you up to right now?
DevilsDance: not much at all, I've been pretty lazy since I got out of the shower
heygirlshutupandkissme: oooh
DevilsDance: I didn't even bother changing, i'm still wearing by robe
heygirlshutupandkissme: do you nned someone to dry your back?
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: anything underneath?
DevilsDance: nothing
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: come sit on my knee then
heygirlshutupandkissme: unless you're busy
DevilsDance: -sits on your lap, legs on either side of you, facing you-
heygirlshutupandkissme: *puts my hands on your knees... slides them up slowly up your thighs...*
heygirlshutupandkissme: *leans towards you... kisses you very very gently on the lips*
DevilsDance: -wraps arms around your neck and kisses you back, but makes the kiss longer-
heygirlshutupandkissme: (sorry i just went smaller im in an internet cafe dont want people reading over my shoulder)
heygirlshutupandkissme: *kisses you back harder this time... our tongue splaying together in your mouth*
DevilsDance: its not problem =)
DevilsDance: -slides one hand down your back slowly, and moves closer to you-
heygirlshutupandkissme: *slides one hand round to your butt, squeezes and massage sit gently...*
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: i feel yr breats pushed against my chest
heygirlshutupandkissme: i slide my other hand up yr front, in the opening in the fromnt of yr robe.. i cup yr breast in my hand
DevilsDance: -kisses you hard and long, and takes one of your hands and slides it up my thighs, so that you can feel my warmth-
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: i feel yr warmth and wetness between yr thighs
heygirlshutupandkissme: i rub yr nipple with my other hand so it gets stiff and hard
DevilsDance: -moans softly then kisses down your neck-
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: the feel of yr tongue on my neck drives me wild
heygirlshutupandkissme: i take yr hand and plac eit on my hardness you can feel my cock through my pants
DevilsDance: -nibbles on your earlobe as I cup your cock in my hands, rubbing it through your pants-
heygirlshutupandkissme: "unzip me hun take my cock in yr hand" i say as i feel yr teeth and tongue biting and licking my ear
heygirlshutupandkissme: i continue to rub yr tit and nipple with one handand yr hot wet pussy with the other
DevilsDance: -whispers in your ear- finger me - unzips your pants and reaches inside, wrapping hand around your cock-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i get a finger wet and slowly press it into yr pussy... i gasp as i feel yr hot hand taking hold of me
heygirlshutupandkissme: "undress me babe" i say "suck on me"
DevilsDance: -i moan softly as you slide your finger inside me, tensing up a bit making myself tighter, and begins to pull off your shirt-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i push yr robe off yr shoulders as u undress m,e
DevilsDance: -licks down your neck to one shoulder and then across to the other-
heygirlshutupandkissme: yr pussy is so tight... but i press my finger further into u... and start to fuck u gently with it...
DevilsDance: -i kiss you hard as you do so, squeezing your cock in my hand before i begin to stroke it slowly-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i stand up so all our clothes fall off and lead u to the bedroom with my finger inside u and yr hand on my hard cock
heygirlshutupandkissme: i can feel the cum rising in my cock already and we havent even begun the best it yet i dont want o cum yet i have to control myself under yr touch
DevilsDance: -lays down on the back, with my back to the mattress, pulling you on top of me, kissing you passionately-
heygirlshutupandkissme: kneeling between yr legs my cock pointing straight at you wanting to be inside u... pressing at yr cunt wanting to fuck u hard
DevilsDance: -whispers- fuck me
heygirlshutupandkissme: do u want my tongue or my cock babe?
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: (hey... can i ask yr name? my name is Pieter (its the dutch version of Peter)
DevilsDance: Mary Anne =)
heygirlshutupandkissme: hi Mary-Anne
DevilsDance: and cock =P
DevilsDance: hi pieter!
heygirlshutupandkissme: i kneel between yr legs and reach odwn with one hand to open yr pussy lips... and press forwards so my stiff cock slides into yy tight cunt
DevilsDance: -lets out a loud moan as you enter me, wrapping my legs aroudn you, pushing you deep inside me-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i start to pump inside you... in and out, slower and faster, deeper and less deep, harder and softer
heygirlshutupandkissme: kissing you all the time
heygirlshutupandkissme: reaching with one hand to rub yr clit
heygirlshutupandkissme: the other squeezing yr tits and rubing yr niple in my fingers
DevilsDance: -thrusts hips against your body, my fingernails starting to dig into your back as i thrust faster and faster-
heygirlshutupandkissme: "bite me" i whisper in yr ear as i fuck u hard
DevilsDance: -screams in pleasure as you fuck me harder and harder, then bites your shoulder-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i feel yr tight pussy gripping me as tight as it can.. milking the cum out of my cock
heygirlshutupandkissme: tell me when yr ready to cum babe lets cum together
DevilsDance: fuck me as hard as you can
heygirlshutupandkissme: i left yr legs and put yr ankles on my shoulders andf my hands on yr hips to get as deep inside u as i can... so deep u can't believe how much of my cock u can fit inside u.. u feel like u will burst but i fuck even harder and harder til u are moaning with the pain and the pleasure of it at the same time
heygirlshutupandkissme: *lift not left
DevilsDance: -you can feel my pussy tightening around your cock as you fuck me hard, my body shaking as waves of pleasure run through it-
heygirlshutupandkissme: u gasp and writhe on the bed as i fuck u even deeper
heygirlshutupandkissme: u are so tight u are the best lil cum slave i have ever had
heygirlshutupandkissme: i am ready to cum but i want to make u feel this even more befor ei do
heygirlshutupandkissme: i want to train u to be the best sex babe u can be
DevilsDance: -screams loudly- i want you to cum inside me
DevilsDance: mmmm i'll be the best...
heygirlshutupandkissme: tell me you'll be my cum slut and my sex slave
DevilsDance: i'll be your cum slut and your sex slave forever. just fuck me hard.
heygirlshutupandkissme: cum is rising up my cock
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmm you are going to be very good at this mary-anne
DevilsDance: -thrusts hips as hard as possible against you- cum...
heygirlshutupandkissme: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
heygirlshutupandkissme: "oh fuck yes i'm cumming" i shout and with the hardest deepest thrut into yr tight cunt i start to spurt jets of hot sticky cum deep inside you
DevilsDance: -shakes with pleasure as orgasm travels through my body-
heygirlshutupandkissme: (will u go on the pill for me if i come to visit you? i dont like wearing condoms but i dont want u to have a baby)
heygirlshutupandkissme: "can u feel my cum inside u?" i ask
heygirlshutupandkissme: my whole body shudders as yr cunt clamps round my cock with yr orgasm
DevilsDance: (yes, i'll go on the pill you just better be clean =P)
heygirlshutupandkissme: (i am i promise we can go get a check up together to be sure )
heygirlshutupandkissme: my orgasm slowly subsides as the last of the cum spurts inside u.. .there is so much it leaks out from yr pussy and starts to dribble down yr thighs and down yr butt crack to yr asshole
DevilsDance: you should lick me clean....
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: u lick me clean first
heygirlshutupandkissme: or wait... better idea...
heygirlshutupandkissme: we are both panting and gasping and covered in sweat and cum and pussy juice...
heygirlshutupandkissme: i pull out of yr cunt and cum drips off my cock onto yr belly
DevilsDance: and whats your clever idea? =)
heygirlshutupandkissme: 69
heygirlshutupandkissme: you like that idea?
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmmmmmm? (have you ever done it mary-anne?)
heygirlshutupandkissme: i turn round and kneel over yr face ... then lean forward so my head is between yr thighs
heygirlshutupandkissme: yr cunt and pussy re right in my face... i smell the sweet smell of yr pussy juice
DevilsDance: ooh i love that
DevilsDance: -places hand on your buttocks, squeezing them gently then flicks tongue over the tip of your cock-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i start to lick u down there... long strokes of my tongue on u... from yr asshole to yr clit...
DevilsDance: -moans and takes in tip of your cock, sucking on it gently-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i jump at the touch of yr tongue on my cock... it is starting to get hard again already.. i press it into yr mouth
heygirlshutupandkissme: "put a finger in my asshole" i ask you (have you ever done that to anyone? or had anyone do it to you?)
DevilsDance: (had someone do that to me)
heygirlshutupandkissme: i lick you harder and harder... pushing my tongue into yr cunt... tasting my cum in yr cunt...
heygirlshutupandkissme: (did u like it?)
heygirlshutupandkissme: (i love it... both doing it and having u do it to me)
DevilsDance: - wets a finger and slides it down your ass crack, reaching your asshole, applying a bit of pressure in the opening, then goes back to sucking your cock, slowly taking it into my mouth, swirling my tongue aroudn it-
DevilsDance: (i loved it)
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: already more cum is starting to rise up my cock... this time i want to cum in yr mouth
heygirlshutupandkissme: as i feel yr cunt clamping round my tongue
DevilsDance: -moves hips, thrusting my pussy against your face-
DevilsDance: -slides finger slowly inside your asshole-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i lube a finger in yr cunt juice and move it to yr asshole... then pres it into you slowly but firmly as far as it will go

heygirlshutupandkissme: i take as much of my cum from yr cunt from the first fucking into my mouth as poissible as i start to cum for a second time straight into yr mouth
heygirlshutupandkissme: don't swallow i tell you i want you to keep this in yr mouth...
heygirlshutupandkissme: i feel u start to cum also for a second time as i spurt into yr mouth
DevilsDance: -sucks you hard, pumping my finger in your ass, my body shaking, as i begin to cum-
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: oh yes fuck my ass with the finger
heygirlshutupandkissme: and i do the same to your ass
DevilsDance: -moves finger harder and faster in and out of your ass hole-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i fill yr mouth with hot sticky cum as my mouth fills with your pussy juice
heygirlshutupandkissme: oh god yes fuck me u little slut
DevilsDance: -lets cum remain in mouth, feeling how warm it is, still fucking your ass with my finger-
heygirlshutupandkissme: tell me u worship my cock
DevilsDance: i wonder if i can use another finger in you....
DevilsDance: i worship your cock
heygirlshutupandkissme: u are a good slave
heygirlshutupandkissme: (seriously... i would love to keep u and look after u like a slave but u will be the best looked after sex slave ever... and the best trained too)
DevilsDance: (and i'm sure i'd love being fucked by you whenever you wanted me....)
heygirlshutupandkissme: (we have so many things to try together this is just the beginning... you have to tell me all your fantasies even the darkest kinkiest ones and we can do them all )
heygirlshutupandkissme: i stand up and turn round to kiss you.. i fill yr mouth with my mouthfull of cum and pussy juice... but don't swallow it!!!
DevilsDance: -wraprs arms around you pulling you close to me as we kiss-
heygirlshutupandkissme: have you got a mouthful yet?
heygirlshutupandkissme: hmmm?
DevilsDance: yes i have
heygirlshutupandkissme: ok... now sit up...
DevilsDance: -does as told-
heygirlshutupandkissme: now let it all dribble out... let it run down yr chin onto yr lil pert b cup breasts...
heygirlshutupandkissme: i want to see it drip off the ends of yr nipples
DevilsDance: -follows your orders-
heygirlshutupandkissme: how does it feel? is it nice?
heygirlshutupandkissme: descrbe how you feel
heygirlshutupandkissme: i reach behind my back (noticing that you still have a finger in my ass )...
DevilsDance: lol
DevilsDance: its nice to have your cum running down my body
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: you look good
DevilsDance: -removes finger from your ass-
heygirlshutupandkissme: you look exactly how i want my cum slut to look
DevilsDance: -smiles-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i bring my hand back so u can see it... and i'm holding a camera...
heygirlshutupandkissme: you don't mind do you?
heygirlshutupandkissme: i start to take photos of you nake don the bed... smiling at the camera with cum visible in yr mouth and on yr tongue and chin, and dribbling down yr body and tits... and dripping off the end of yr stiff little nipples
heygirlshutupandkissme: u enjoy the thrill of being so naughty don't u?
DevilsDance: i loooove it
heygirlshutupandkissme: u enjoy being owned by me don't u? u love obeying my every order... u love being as dirty as u can possibly imagine...
heygirlshutupandkissme: say it to me
DevilsDance: i love being owned by you
DevilsDance: i love obeying your every order
DevilsDance: i love being as dirty as you can possibly imagine
DevilsDance: i love doing anything and everything for you
heygirlshutupandkissme: (i really will take photos of you... i want to have a permanent record of you with my cum running down yr front and on yr tits)
heygirlshutupandkissme: (Mary-Anne i have to go very soon... got to get back to work... but you are a very good lil sex slave - ill have a reward for you next time ok?)
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