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heygirlshutupandkissme: hey you
DevilsDance: heeeeey -hugs-
heygirlshutupandkissme: it's ood tro see ya babe
heygirlshutupandkissme: *good to
DevilsDance: -smiles and gives you a kiss-
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: *kisses you back ... *
heygirlshutupandkissme: *kisses you for quite a long time, with tongue.. *
DevilsDance: -wraps my arms around your waist, pulling you closwer as we kiss-
heygirlshutupandkissme: puts my arms around you, so we are very tight... your breasts agfainst my chest... your legs against mine...
heygirlshutupandkissme: needing to hol you tight and close... needing to kiss you an make you mine
heygirlshutupandkissme: (stupid sticky keys o stupid sticky keuyboard)
DevilsDance: lol its ok
DevilsDance: i missed you
heygirlshutupandkissme: me too
heygirlshutupandkissme: i feel kinda close to you
DevilsDance: what do you mean?
heygirlshutupandkissme: ummmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: like you're moe than just a casual on-line friend
heygirlshutupandkissme: sorry... maybe u don't need to know that right now
DevilsDance: -grins- call me silly, but that makes me happy
heygirlshutupandkissme: *big hug*
heygirlshutupandkissme: you ain't silly hun
heygirlshutupandkissme: *anothe hug*
DevilsDance: -hugs and kisses your lips softly-
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: nibbles at your lips... touches the tip of my tongue to the tip of yours
DevilsDance: -smiles and takes hold of your hands- so you at work?
heygirlshutupandkissme: holds your hands too... no i'm taking an eaarly lunch - i'm in an internet cafe
DevilsDance: aaah ok, should i leave you to your meal?
heygirlshutupandkissme: hehehe no
heygirlshutupandkissme: i've got a sandwich i'll tke it back to my desk... i came here to see if you were on
DevilsDance: -smiles- well here I am
heygirlshutupandkissme: i wish i was there too
DevilsDance: hehehe that could prove to be quite intersting
heygirlshutupandkissme: oh yes? in what way?
heygirlshutupandkissme: hmmm???
DevilsDance: hmmm
DevilsDance: many ways
DevilsDance: -slides hand down your back and slips it inside your shirt- and they are all so very fun too, each in their own right
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmm yes they are...
heygirlshutupandkissme: slides a hand along th top of your thighs aalmost to your 'special place'
heygirlshutupandkissme: gently strokes your butt
DevilsDance: -gives you a long long kiss-
heygirlshutupandkissme: kisses you deeper and more passionately
heygirlshutupandkissme: i slide a hadn up your front to your chet... i cup your breast i my hand, rubbig your nile through the material
heygirlshutupandkissme: *nipple
DevilsDance: -runs hand up your back, feeling your warm skin, my nails scraping against you-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i shiver as you scratch me... "scratch me more," i tell you, "bite me..."
heygirlshutupandkissme: i gently squeeze your butt cheek in my hand, feeling the firm toned musle undeneath... i softly start spanking you... nowhere near enough to hurt, but enough to make a soft SLAP sound each time
DevilsDance: -bites on your neck gently-
heygirlshutupandkissme: ahhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssss
heygirlshutupandkissme: (there you are i thought your connection droped out again )
heygirlshutupandkissme: (are my IMs getting to you?)
DevilsDance: yes they are!
heygirlshutupandkissme: yay!
DevilsDance: (licks your neck and digs fingernails into you, lightly-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i lift the hem of your top and slide it up your body... "raise your arms babe" i say... and i lift it over your head and off...
heygirlshutupandkissme: (do u have a bra on?)
DevilsDance: yes i do
heygirlshutupandkissme: i pull you to me and feel the material of your bra on my chest... your niples are had and press into me
DevilsDance's status is now "Idle" (2004-03-19 오후 1:27)
DevilsDance: (evil internet)
heygirlshutupandkissme: i kiss your lips... then lick down your throt and neck to your chest... and to the tps of your breasts
heygirlshutupandkissme: (very very vey evil indeed )
DevilsDance: -bites lower lip and lets out a soft moan, my hands pulling up your shirt-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i lift my arms so my shirt comes off, and slide your bra strapsoff your shoulders and push your bra down so your breasts are expse din al ltheir beauty
heygirlshutupandkissme: i lick and suck on your nipples... i very gently bite on them
DevilsDance: mmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: can i fully undress you babe?
DevilsDance: -nods-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i slide my hands to your pants and undo them... slowly i push them down so you are wearing only your panties now
DevilsDance: -gives you a kiss on the lips-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i kiss oyur belly and your thighs
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: i kiss you back
heygirlshutupandkissme: i slide my hadns inide the waist band of your panties and squeeze you butt cheeks
heygirlshutupandkissme: i slide my hand to the front and feel your soft pubic hai and the warmth and wetness of your pussy
DevilsDance: =)
DevilsDance: -kisses your neck and sucks on it gently as you feel my pussy-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i cup your pussy in my hand then slowl slide a finger insid you... you are so so so tight in there babe oh god i love the way you squeeze on my finger
DevilsDance: -kissses you hard and grinds against you-
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: pushes your panties down so you are competely naked
DevilsDance: mmm =)
heygirlshutupandkissme: undress me babe... take my pants and boxers off
heygirlshutupandkissme: i challenge you to do it usng you teeth only... no hands
DevilsDance: mmm
DevilsDance: kneels in front of you and places mouth at the top of your pants, struggling a bit trying to get them to open-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i move my hip to try to make it easier for you... and quicker too... it's getting uncomfortable with them on
heygirlshutupandkissme: you release the buttons and bite the waist to pull my pants down...
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
DevilsDance: -moves head down, pulling your pants along-
heygirlshutupandkissme: my cock springs free almost hitting you in the face. but not quite
heygirlshutupandkissme: *giggles*
DevilsDance: -moves back up and bites the waist of your boxers-
heygirlshutupandkissme: oh yes do it babe
heygirlshutupandkissme: i run my hands thorugh your curls, holding your head... gazing dwn at you
DevilsDance: -moves down, taking off your boxers-
heygirlshutupandkissme: oh yes MAry-
heygirlshutupandkissme: Anne that's good
heygirlshutupandkissme: (oops)
heygirlshutupandkissme: i tak your haed and tip it so we are loking in each others eyes
heygirlshutupandkissme: you on your knees and me standing
DevilsDance: -smiles at you and blows you a kiss before kissing the tip of your cock-
heygirlshutupandkissme: my knees trmble at th soft touch of your lips on my cock
heygirlshutupandkissme: lick it Mary-Anne... take it into you mouth
DevilsDance: -licks all of it, all around, very very very slowly-
heygirlshutupandkissme: ahhhh fuck yes that's so good
heygirlshutupandkissme: (you are very good at this sweetheart you must some experienc )
DevilsDance: (i love giving head)
heygirlshutupandkissme: i reach down and massge your breasts as ou suck on me... pushing my hips forward to push my hard cock into your mouth
DevilsDance: -licks your balls too, gently sucking on each of them-
heygirlshutupandkissme: fuck you are going to make me come too soon
heygirlshutupandkissme: (i love getting head too... and also i love going down on girls and licking their pussies)
heygirlshutupandkissme: (do you like me to come in your mouth?)
DevilsDance: (yea i do)
DevilsDance: -takes the tip of your cock in my mouth, teasing you, flicking my tongue over it-
heygirlshutupandkissme: oh god yes
heygirlshutupandkissme: but i want to eat you too MAry-anne
heygirlshutupandkissme: do you like 69?
DevilsDance: ooh its so much fun
heygirlshutupandkissme: i love it
heygirlshutupandkissme: reluctantly i pull my cock from your mouth and lead you to the bed...
DevilsDance: -follows your lead-
heygirlshutupandkissme: do you want to be o top, or me?
DevilsDance: i wanna be on top
heygirlshutupandkissme: good tha's my favorite too
heygirlshutupandkissme: i lay down my head between your legs as you kneel o top of me
heygirlshutupandkissme: i put my hands o your butt and pull your pussy down to my mouth
DevilsDance: -leans down and kisses your cock before putting it back into my mouth, still working just on the tip of it-
heygirlshutupandkissme: my whole body is trembling from you touch
heygirlshutupandkissme: it is difficult to concentrate on your pussy with your tongue and lips and hot breath on my cock
DevilsDance: -takes your cock slowly into my mouth, squeezing my lips around it as I move down-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i lick your pussy slowly, tasting its heat and wetness... pussy juice dripping into my mouth already
DevilsDance: -shivers in pleasure as i twirly my tongue around your cock-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i lick and nibble on your lcit thn press my tongue dfeep into your cunt
heygirlshutupandkissme: cum is starting to rise from myballs now
DevilsDance: -grins hips against your face and sucks on you gently-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i finger your ass too, tasing your asshole... i lube a finger in your pussy juice and press it against your sshole... then press it inside your ass
heygirlshutupandkissme: *teasing your asshole
heygirlshutupandkissme: i push my tongue right insid your cunt, feeling it clamp down on me
DevilsDance: -moans loudly as i suck on you harder-
heygirlshutupandkissme: deep throat me babe
heygirlshutupandkissme: take my cock right down your throat
DevilsDance: -pushes head down on your cock, taking all of it inside me-
heygirlshutupandkissme: my tongu and fingers are moving faster now as i try t bring you to cum at the same time as me
heygirlshutupandkissme: (can you really do take me all down your throat babe? i hav never met a chick who can really do i but i'd love one day)
heygirlshutupandkissme: (my cock isn't exacty huge... i's no small but it's not huge )
DevilsDance: (well so far, so good. i'll see about yours =P )
heygirlshutupandkissme: (yay! )
heygirlshutupandkissme: (i'll take a picture and email it to you if you want )
heygirlshutupandkissme: cum is rising up my cock now, i can't hold off much longer
heygirlshutupandkissme: i work on our cut and pussy wanting you to cum at the same time
heygirlshutupandkissme: *work on your cunt
DevilsDance: (mmm sure)
DevilsDance: (my pussy clenches around you my body shivering, as i near my orgasm, and i suck harder on you-
heygirlshutupandkissme: oh god yessssssss
heygirlshutupandkissme: cum erupts ito your mouth and down your throat, straight into your stomach
heygirlshutupandkissme: spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum across your tongue and down your throat as your pussy juices flow into my mouth
DevilsDance: -screams in a mix of pleasure and surprise as i start to cum as you cum in me-
heygirlshutupandkissme: i kep finmgering and tongueing you wanting this moment to last forever
heygirlshutupandkissme: (you must like the taste of cum... i /love/ the taste of pussy juice)
DevilsDance: -moans louder and then continues swalling all your cum, still sucking on you-
heygirlshutupandkissme: that's i, take it all down inside you.... i wonder how long you could live just drinking cum and othing else?
heygirlshutupandkissme: i bet for a weekend you wouln't need too much else
DevilsDance: hmmm when will we find out
heygirlshutupandkissme: i bet i could live off pussy juice for a few days
heygirlshutupandkissme: i could take a winter holiday... come see you... if you want...
DevilsDance: ooh i'd love it
DevilsDance: but first i have to see where i'll be for winter
heygirlshutupandkissme: yeah
heygirlshutupandkissme: do you go away for winter holiday? you live with your parents, right?
DevilsDance: yes i do, and sometiems i do, sometimes i dont, but i might be moving this winter for college
heygirlshutupandkissme: mmmm
heygirlshutupandkissme: which city do you live in? (you don't have to tell me if you don't want)
DevilsDance: so paulo
DevilsDance: sao paulo
heygirlshutupandkissme: i just posted a big LJ post on what i'll do for you when i come visit
heygirlshutupandkissme: *one of the things i'll do for you
heygirlshutupandkissme: sao paulo... ok
DevilsDance: ooh yay link link
heygirlshutupandkissme: you like?
DevilsDance: -nods-
heygirlshutupandkissme: "nods" ?
heygirlshutupandkissme: i suspect you like i more than that
heygirlshutupandkissme: hmmm?
heygirlshutupandkissme: hu ni have to get back to work soon
heygirlshutupandkissme: will you post a comment or somthing about it?
DevilsDance: ur leaving me???
DevilsDance: sorry, intent on the reading
heygirlshutupandkissme: *hug*
heygirlshutupandkissme: gotta leave you for now babe
heygirlshutupandkissme: but read and enjoy, and pretend it's happening to you right now
heygirlshutupandkissme: and then imagine it's going to happen to you for real one day soon
heygirlshutupandkissme: and then realise that i realy
heygirlshutupandkissme: *and then realise that i really WILL do that for you one day soon
heygirlshutupandkissme: hun i g2g... post a comment back tellig me what you like aobut it... and what you'd do for me in return
DevilsDance: mmmm yay
DevilsDance: lol ok
DevilsDance: mwa
heygirlshutupandkissme: see you later Mary-Anne
DevilsDance: ill be thinking of you....
heygirlshutupandkissme: *tender kiss*
heygirlshutupandkissme: me too babe
heygirlshutupandkissme: hey can you email me anothe rphto i lost the one you sent me
heygirlshutupandkissme: bye bye hun
DevilsDance: yea ok
DevilsDance: bye bye
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